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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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demand it. >>neil: goodbye. >> hello, 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." this week i opined that contraceptive activists sandra fluke may have been more than a concerned georgetown co-ed, maybe, just maybe, she could be tied to the white house. the left wing nuts went bananas and called me lots of names, some not so nice but listen to what o'reilly uncovered. we found out she is being represented by a progressive agency where the former obama communications director is the
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managing editor. aha. so this whole deal comes back to the white house. at least indirectly. >> she has exposed ties to the liberal website has new been connected to the white house and the former communications director, dunn, white house. media matters. miss flunk. >> it is not accident she was testifying on capitol hill. they needed a strawwoman and they got one and the biggest mistakes was not getting a woman who was in need. this hurts their credibility. after the comments rush limbaugh made they locked like they had been winning the argument but after the president called her, after it was exposed she is professional activist it unraveled and you say, she is the pathway to affluence, who
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wants to pay for her birth control? i am woman, hear me beg? is that it, to get men to pay for your birth control. that is a terrible message. >> connect the dots. white house needs someone to turn the discussion, they need to have the war on christianity, to call it and change it to the war on women. here comes mrs. fluke. >> it is manufactured and we said that. people said we were speaking too soon, apparently not because the evidence is in and they have a lovely individual coming guard, and this is directly a political move by the left and it has ties become to the white house so it is not a surprise. they have been exposeed. >>bob: no, no, no, first of all, there are 227,000 dots
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created -- jobs created last month alone. and, now, to the great thing you have unraveled, you and o'reilly it is so excited and shocking that i can barely hold myself in. it is one of those things that, really, has potential for a watergate kind of scandal, and i want to congratulate you for opining about that. >> are you done? >>bob: so ridiculous. they did not set that up. that was not set up. it should have been set up. i would set it up. you think this is a big stories o'reilly says she is connected to dunn and p.r. person? that is great investigate ever work. >> they made it a big story and they had the president call her and i would not be surprised, sometimes it pays to be conspiracy theorist because you
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are like, wait, i was right all along, and where do you think he got the idea, probably no guy in the white house was like, i got a great idea, call her. that probably comes from outside. fine. licks. when they try to pretend they didn't have anything to do with it and it looks like they did ... it backfired. >>bob: i said, maybe, and the left went crazy calling me the iftiest things you heard. >>dana: let's hear. you have heard them before. >> and now governor palin talking to hannity over bill mahers. >> i don't know how anyone can it is in the audience of a commentator and chuckle and laugh and think it is entertaining, it is dirty money that he has provided president obama's campaign and i don't know how president obama can slope at night or if he thinks
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of his daughters and the treatment of women, today, how he can accept that dirty money. >>dana: she has a great point and the problem for them they lose the moral high ground. just as they seized it. it is not that they are taking money from a guy that happens to be a comic but they are sending out aides to get more money so he can help them get the white house so they look hypocritical. weekly. and it erodes their credibility and they will be surprised in november when they see the fruits of the labor. >> absolutely and the priority that usa, the action pac, they cannot pretend this does not exist. if you want to show leadership and set an example to the darts on how women should be treated, give back the money.
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you said the best fundraiser you have had running for president, and you are raising $1 billion, different back the dirty $1 million. but he is busy. so when he made that phone call i am thinking a can of worms, bill maher is a worm. a human worm. trying to politicize it. tried to politicize it. now it is blowing out up in the white house face over and over is over and they make it worst. do not make it political. though cannot help themselves. >> what are the white house talking points to handle this issue with bill maher being treated one way and rush limbaugh being treated another. >>bob: you son of a ... i don't read the white house talking points but i tell you is bill maher an embarrassment? of course. i have said this before. the go has caused the progressive movement problems.
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should they give back the money? this will not cost one vote in november. but keep it going, keep it going, he should not have said what he said, calling it dirty money, it is not dirty money. >>guest: what will cost votes when people say there are injustices but flow birth control is not one. what is the white house doing? not focused on getting us jobs. >> and should probe call governor palin? >>guest: he will never. >> should he? >> he should. >> absolutely positively no. >> she ranted against him? >> maybe she should call you. >> calmer heads reveiling, should president obama reach out and call governor palin? >> if they were smart they would say, everyone to the corner, take five deep breaths, you can
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come back then we will have a discussion of how we improve our country but that would be the smart thing to do but they will not do it. >> not will they, should he? >> no, it will feed the story. i do. it is another distraction. >> and it is disingenuous. one of the problems the white house has is the appearance or feeling of insincerity and a call like that ... face that. >> i say when you invoke the name of your wife and your children, pick up the phone. last night liberal fox news contributor ... what? what? what in agreed with governor palin. listen to this. >> they are making the distinctions that you can be
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miss ogynast if you are a comic. >>bob: that was well said. and back to what i said no executes what bill maher said, there is no excuse for the way he acted and continues to act, and for the white house to get themselves in this beyond just keeping, remember, sarah palin said some pretty rough things about president obama and the crowd that came to see her, a guy in the back said, kill obama, and no one said anything. >>dana: wait, wait, wait, whoever that guy, was not a comedian raising money for the campaign. her calling it dirty money despite comparison of the things said about her by bill maher,there is no comparison, if you are not a professional
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contortionist you should not try what it takes to explain what bill maher said is so much different than what rush limbaugh said. >>bob: it was not a smart political move i agree but i would not send money back and for sure would not make a phone call to sarah palin. >> do democrats think this is helping them? this is a good thing? this is helping them win the female vote? >>bob: are you suggesting you don't ask guys question. do they think? i don't thing they, first of all the contraceptive situation is done. you lose. on this, if this were around the week before the election would it cost a few votes yes but will anyone remember in november? >> contraception is a leaders because everyone says i have to pay for my neighbor's condoms and sex life, if you cannot afor sex, don't have sex. >>bob: i bet bobby and susan
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hampton did not get up and say "no," on the contraceptives. >> but what is washington doing? >>bob: they care about jobs and gas prices. >> the feminist movement is, i don't need a man, i am a woman, hear me roar, why do the memorial mists say don't tell me what to do with my body and they get a bill. then they want help. then they need help. that doesn't sound independent to me. stay tuned. if there was a pill
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>> high school basketball fan accused of racism for chanting this after the game ended. usa! usa! did that sound offensive to you? the losing team was latino and complains that fans of the winning team, a redo -- predominantly white team were racially insensitive but according to a parent it was the hispanic team who may have instigated the problem. >> the chanting from the edison side to the other was edison saying "alamo whites," during the game and our side was not relying with anything, any come
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back. >> that is where the story is going, the late evenment rap it was in respond to "alamo white," the team that won that responded, then, by chanting, usa! because it was, they were, directed at first by then to the other time. what do you think? >> and of the students that we caught up, the students are clearly, clearly not being racist. one says, from the while, most people had no idea it was a negative racist comment. some of the students could have meant it that way the vast majority did not. and one more, sorry, guys. that a different one. and another says, i have heard it at other games and we chanted it at the majority of our games including a redominant i caucasian, we chanted it there and, look, they chanted usa, a
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victory chant, not a racist chant and -- it's america. >> bob gets mad, and here is a quote from a thomas edison high school student, i thought because we were like mainly minority that is why it was being chanted. so, kids are kids. you can take something like when bill maher calls sarah palin the c word if he takes it the wrong way, some will say well, he is just a comedian, but i maintain that the adults in the room, the administration who said, we will put a stop to this they did the right thing based on what they witnessed at the time. >>bob: do you know that there were 227,000 jobs created --. >>dana: you will not back me up. >>bob: i back you up. listen, only 31,000 manufacturing jobs and no
5:19 pm
construction jobs. first of all, usa, usa, usa, we builtly hear that in the olympics against other nations and i suppose if they are yelling "alamo white," that could have triggered it but it seems at the end of a basketball game you are playing an american what is the virtue in saying usa, usa, usa, if you have a predominant minority school who is hispanic? it is, it may not be wrong necessarily to say, america the beautiful or something, but to say usa, usa, usa, taunting, that is a waste of time. >> you didn't taunt? >>bob: sure. >>dana: was it directlily racist statement? balanced budget probably but the administration should have stopped it. why get into it?
5:20 pm
don't you assume the hispanics will assume --. >> wish they would have chanted along with them. that would have been the best. >>bob: a good idea. >>dana: all of the students americans so they all should have been chanting usa, usa, usa but i don't like the alamo white comment and i don't have a problem with the usa but i have a problem with trying to isolate immigrants. and make them feel like they don't belong. >>dana: we are here under one flag. >>bob: you will not find many basketball teams where the team will stand up and say usa, usa, usa. >> and if they do is it racist? >>bob: if they play in all hispanic team, i would say. >> why do it at all? at all? at all? >>dana: or do it together. >> and now an update with a
5:21 pm
happy ending, we like that on a friday, right? remember the story about the million dollar welfare queen? she was cut off pretending to be if need, winning the lottery and a million, and she got $750,000 for a lump sum and she is, after taxes, $500,000, and they did not cut me off i am struggling and i needed it. well, that will tick people off, and it is welfare fraud, and they cut it off, so, this is a good story here, but be also, it highlights the fact they do not catch this stuff often new. >>guest: the chance they caught this woman would happened to talk to a camera and say the things like i have two homes and most people are trying to struggle to save one home, so you thing of all the other people out there like this woman that are taking our taxpayer dollars and using them when they don't need them so the more you
5:22 pm
push the programs the bigger they get and the more trade you have and the more drum -- dummies take advantage. >>bob: less than 4 percent of food stamp recipients are fraudulent and the 96 percent who do it right, they are the majority and they should be cited. >>dana: great role for the media, again, which is to go out and look in to the stories and affect change. that is why we have a free press. they did a good job. and we can credit "the five." and now, coming up, one of the biggest stars lends his voice to president obama's campaign documentary. people with a machine.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." exciting tv coming up. one, you are going to be able to see a 17-minute obama ad. i know that everybody is probably going to set aside some time to be able to do this. but we have a sneak peek right here. [ applause ] >> how do we understand this president and his time in office? do we look at the day's headlines or do we remember what we has a country have been through? >> an economic crisis beyond anything anybody had imagined. >> our time of standing pat, protecting their interest and putting off unpleasant decisions, that time has
5:28 pm
surely passed. >> if we don't do that now, it will be a generation before 30 million people have health insurance. >> if the auto industry goes down, what happens to america? >> now we have to make a decision. go or not go. >> as he walked out the room, it's all on him. this is his decision. >> dana: i want to ask stat, the control room to send tissues for bob because it made him cry. here is the thing. eric, this is a 17-minute documentary, done be the campaign, paid for by them. but what was interesting is that the director, last nume guggenheim, was on piers morgan last night. play that and come back to you. then i'll describe it, because
5:29 pm
it was really good. you get to watch. he said there was so much positive in it, in the administration that he couldn't fit it all in 17 minutes and he didn't know what to cut. could you create a 17-minute documentary of the bad that came out of the administratio administration? how long would yours be? >> 17,000 hours. >> eric: mind would be a 30-second sound bite when president obama sat down with matt l aru ruer and said if i don't get the economy turned around in three years i'll be a one-term president. i'd run that w that. tom hanks? >> dana: yeah, he is the narrator. >> eric: it's 17 minutes of liberalism. yuck. >> dana: are you getting popcorn and milk duds? >> bob: did people know 227,000 jobs created. last month alone.
5:30 pm
a recovery is coming back. do those things for your supporters and put it out there and come from other administrations, other presidents have done it. >> dana: 17-minute documentary? >> eric: i knew gigen halftime's father who was one of the great dock men -- men -- >> bob: i knew guggenheim's father who was one of the great documentarie documentary f all time. it sums up what the situation was. he took a difficult situation and turn -- >> dana: i want to ask about that. >> kimberly: i'm perplexed by this. it's ridiculous. if it was done by the right we would never hear the end of it. why is it so emotional? obamacare is a complete disaster. i hope the u.s. supreme court has the ability and the common sense to -- >> bob: here is the thing. five tax on there by republicans and probably get
5:31 pm
your wish. >> kimberly: you don't agree with their positions. >> bob: listen, then republicans have to come up with an answer of what to do with uninsured people. we'll see. >> andrea: i don't know why they mentioned obamacare. they don't usually mention it. david axelrod in the video said an economic crisis beyond anything anybody could have imagined. i thought a couple of weeks ago president obama said how could anyone have known or anticipated how bad it could be. we didn't know. which is it? did they know or not know? >> bob: i think it's talking retrospectively looking back at it. nobody would know how bad it was. >> dana: that is what is interesting. instead of running campaign on their record, stimulus bill, healthcare and kicking the bowles-simpson can down the road to use a cliche. they are not running on their record. what they are trying to do is say aren't you glad we saved
5:32 pm
everybody from total ruin? give us four more years and we'll get, i don't know what they want to accomplish. they don't finish the sentence. >> eric: i could finish -- >> bob: i could finish it for them. economic recovery going. growing every month. 227,000 jobs creating last month and more this month. >> kimberly: how? >> bob: more again. your argument about the economics going for the republicans is gone now. what are you going to vote on? right wing agenda of catholic church? else what else? >> bob: >> only plan for democrats is a payroll tax cut. >> bob: no. there is more than that. more than that. >> andrea: green energy. >> bob: by the way -- >> gas. >> kimberly: now you've done it. >> bob: gas thing is a serious problem. >> dana: we have to get out of here. i didn't do a good enough job to talk about tom hanks production, that he is producing. >> bob: good for him. >> andrea: tom hanks is not a 99% either. >> dana: not so much.
5:33 pm
>> bob: tears in my eyes, buddy. >> dana: directly ahead we talk about attorney general eric holder a story we talked about last night. is he tried to undermine new york police department effort to keep the city away from terrorist? s moments away, while bob and eric have an argument while i'm trying to read my piece. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] for the saver, and a big first step. for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪
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every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, to liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, february jobs report and what it means for president obama and the election. tonight on "special report," we'll go over the numbers. 8.3% unemployment. 227,000 jobs gained, according to the labor department. we'll also look at the other findings which paint a less optimistic picture. ed henry has that from the white house. who is right? president obama on republicans when it comes to america's
5:38 pm
energy future? we examine the conflict over alternative fuel for the future or more oil for you right now. republican presidential candidates are getting ready for a series of smaller caucuses saturday. two big southern primaries next week. we will tell you about one campaign happy to be the underdog down south. with many republicans worried about the long and divisive primary campaign, we look at what the democrats went through four years ago. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." new york's finist. new york police department worked very hard to keep new yorkers safe since 9/11. but they are taking flak now from the department of justice and the f.b.i. for performing
5:39 pm
surveillance tactics obmuslims they suspect to be threats. yesterday, eric holder testified and had these fighting words. >> at least what i read publicly, again, just what i read in the newspapers is disturbing. these are things that are under review of the justice department. >> andrea: so the question is why would holder make those comments, dana? why does he think he is going to somehow -- one, that it's good, that he is taking on the new york police department. but how is this a winning issue for them when this is national security? >> dana: i don't think he gave it that much thought. i don't think he was prepped well for the hearing. he went in -- i assume they knew he was going to get asked about it. instead of not commenting or speak from a approximation of knowledge and authority he just said, gave his opinion saying he thought the nypd, what they had done is wrong. then he said that's just based on things i've read in the press. when you are attorney general, that is not good enough.
5:40 pm
it's similar to his response on fast and furious. in both of these situations he is in a position to say we want a full investigation. and we will not comment on the investigation until it's over. but he doesn't do that. i don't know why he doesn't do it. but he should have. >> kimberly: this is ridiculous and ignorant. >> eric: completely incompetent. a man who should be, the department of justice oversees the f.b.i. the f.b.i. are upset in new jersey, nypd went in new jersey. launched some investigation on some muslims. this man should be on top of all of this stuff. he shouldn't say i'm surprised because what i read in the newspaper. it's just terrible. another level of -- >> kimberly: he should haven't this job. >> andrea: haven't they learned their lesson? remember the infamous diane sawyer interview when clapper said i wasn't aware of the foiled attack when it was 12 men who tried to blow up -- right. he said he was not aware. so kimberly, is this
5:41 pm
infighting? >> kimberly: this upsets me. it's ridiculous. holder is one of the most dangerous men in america. i don't think he should have that job. as soon as he is out of the office we'll be better off. this is completely ignorant and irresponsibility. it jeopardizes our safety. men and women of the nypd should be mended. internationally they are known for their ability to track down terrorists and thwart plots. instead now they want to, you know, handcuff them, stop them from doing what they are -- does this make sense to you? if you are pursuing a lead in new york about terrorist activity or some subversive activity and you know, why wouldn't you follow it? it would be irresponse to believe say i can't cross the street, i can't go to new jersey because i might offend the attorney general who is supposed to be trying to keep us safe. >> andrea: not like they are kicking down doors without a warrant. >> kimberly: this is the law of the united states. >> andrea: before 9/11 we
5:42 pm
didn't do this surveillance. our colleague, judy miller who is exceptional, exceptional journalist has op-ed today saying new york's finest are getting smeared. >> bob: first, did you know there were 227,000 jobs -- >> kimberly: this is not a jobs segment. >> bob: it's not a jobs segment. this is like groundhog day. we did the exact same story yesterday with the exact same footage. you all said the exact same thing. >> kimberly: i wasn't here. >> bob: you weren't here? okay. we should have given you the whole block to say what you think. i think eric holder is a fine attorney general and i stand on what i said yesterday. it's groundhog day again. by the way, if you missed the story come back and see it, we'll have it monday again? the new york police department will still be out of their jurisdiction. >> andrea: this is a big issue. >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: a big issue because the new york city police department has no jurisdiction. >> dana: one thing they say
5:43 pm
in the op-ed that judy miller wrote, they are in a position to know, based on what they know about it, it was lawful under the blah, blah blah. the thing that passed in 1985 and updated in 2000. >> kimberly: eric holder is supposed to uphold the laws of the united states of america. >> bob: new york police department is crossing jurisdiction. >> kimberly: there is not one illegal thing. this is ridiculous. you know why? this is a guy who worked at a law firm that represents the terrorist and the gitmo detainees. so should number three in the justice department. this is who is in charge -- >> bob: kelly running wild. >> andrea: if he doesn't want to uphold the law, maybe he should step down. >> bob: kelly should. >> andrea: defend terrorists. >> bob: stay in your own city. >> andrea: when we come back, time to celebrate birthday girl. kimberly guilfoyle, you saw
5:44 pm
her fired up. we'll celebrate. she turns 21 today by the way. stay with us. ♪ ♪ choose control. introducing gold choice. the freedom you can only get from hertz to keep the car you reserved or simply choose another. and it's free. ya know, for whoever you are that day. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: whoa, what a day! guess what? there are two important numbers to remember today. one, 227,000 jobs were created last month alone. two, it's kimberly guilfoyle's 21 z birthday. congratulations, kid. by the way, i want to say you dress well and i'm glad to see you have a special friend with you. i wasn't supposed to say that. look, i'm sorry. tell us your fondest memory of the day, this being your 21ers birthday. >> kimberly: i only recently became a lot of fun, bob. you may find this hard to believe. >> bob: that is not what i hear. >> kimberly: terrible. on my # 21st birthday, u.c. davis, nerdy, academic. no disrespect.
5:49 pm
i was the disignated driver on my 21st birthday. no one objected. they were all like sure! there i was with my glasses, they were so thick you could see in future. i was driving everybody around. everybody had a great time. >> bob: i was the designated drunk on my birthday. >> andrea: you're not tonight, are you? >> kimberly: no. >> bob: blow the candles out. make a wish. i know what you are going to wish for. beep, beep. she got them! okay. >> kimberly: i got on fire before. >> bob: it's probably a long way back for you. do you remember what you did on your 21st birthday? >> eric: knee deep in baseball season. march of whatever, '84. playing baseball. on my way to, you know, making a career out of baseball for a while. i probably didn't celebrate as much as i could have. >> bob: really? >> eric: yeah. >> bob: that was an interesting story. dana? >> dana: mine was not that
5:50 pm
great. it wasn't like kimberly where i was the designated driver. i came home from college and a bunch of my friends were home in parker, colorado. got together at my parent's house and i guess we went to a bar. i don't. not that memorable. thirtieth birthday was more memorable. >> bob: what happened? >> dana: i went on a surprise trip. it didn't know where i was going and i went to budapest. >> kimberly: that's memorable. >> bob: that is where the dog came from. >> dana: budapest. >> kimberly: good story. >> bob: rather go to amsterdam. go ahead. what do you remember about your birthday? >> andrea: i don't remember all that much. isn't that the point of a 21st birthday? i went to a place called crock tilfile rocks. classy. my sister always want to go out with me. my birthday is december 30. nobody wants to go out december 30 because they don't want to ruin themselves for
5:51 pm
new year's. but not my sister. went to crocodile rock. i had 22 shots. >> kimberly: you didn't? >> andrea: i did. i pukeed at 16. >> dana: one 22? >> andrea: one for good luck. look where it brought me. >> bob: the only reason i remember that far back i was in the hospital. i was drunk walking out of a bar and fell over garbage cans that had glass in them. it cut myself a little bit. that wasn't bad but i rolled in it for fun and i went to the hospital. i was okay. i don't remember much of it. kimberly -- >> kimberly: i'm horrified by the story. >> bob: that is strawberry shortcake. >> kimberly: that is my favorite. >> bob: do you know what it cost us? >> kimberly: it was a lot. did you pay for it? >> andrea: the cake we were going to get. i don't know if we can zoom in here. there is a cake i have to show you guys. see it here. yes. it's a shoe. a cake that they make right
5:52 pm
here -- >> kimberly: cute! it looks like a big red shoe on top of a cake. >> bob: one word. one word to describe kimberly by everybody. one word to describe kimberly before we get out of here. >> eric: funalicious. >> kimberly: nice. >> andrea: fun. >> kimberly: bob, say something nice. >> bob: unbelievable, baby. >> kimberly: unbelievable. >> bob: really. you are great. you're wonderful. a great person to have on the show. we love you. >> kimberly: thank you. >> bob: i know other people do too in the building. okay. one more thing is next. tonight, featuring that show "the love boat." home alone house. dolphin rescue. and more. be right back. don't go away.
5:53 pm
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>> eric: oh, boy. you don't especially want to know. time for one more thing. bob, sit down. one more thing first. >> bob: i can. i can. one more thing. can i have the camera on me? thank you. my one last thing you notice gregoire was not here this week -- greg gutfeld was not here. if you are listening we miss you enormously. you are in my mind, the best writer, funniest guy. even if you are a right winger, you can't help yourself. we miss you. from all of us to you, come back next week. >> kimberly: we have cake for you. >> eric: ange.? >> andrea: if you haven't seen the video, governor mike huckabee had a forum and a man stood up and asked a question of the candidate. one of mitt romney's best responses. take a listen. >> this week, president obama's administration again
5:58 pm
cut its benefits. sir will you look me in the eye and tell me you will be taking care of us. >> it's so moving. >> dana: i was moved. i had cake in my mouth. >> andrea: romney gave a great answer and talked about his son. guess what? the benefits given back. great story. feel good on friday. >> eric: moving along. "love boat." we found out, check it out, was sold today for scrap meta metal. >> bob: oh, man. what was the girl on that? >> andrea: julie! >> dana: this is literally my favorite, favorite show. >> kimberly: all the time. my dad would make my lunch and say "have a great day, love boat." >> eric: one more thing, kimberly? >> kimberly: how inappropriate. mine is a heart warming story.
5:59 pm
30 dolphins caught in a tide and washed ashore. that i mean were all rescued. take a look at this. this is very, very sweet. the people helping them get them in the water. >> dana: i'm new to new york. one thing i saw last night on 42nd street, was this picture. i accept i accept sent -- i sen. my mom sent me a picture of her view in colorado. >> eric: looked like the new year's eve ball. before we go, that's it for "the five." spring forward, the clocks are push forward this weekend. have a great weekend. wish kimberly happy birthday. dana needs 2,000 twitter followers to make it 100,000. >> bob: happy birthday!


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